Jumat, 21 September 2007

Naruto Key Chain

Every kids love Naruto, Japanese Anime character. Now we have cool Naruto and friends keychain set in our webstore. Want to have it also in your store, just go to GrosirPasarPagi.com and click Buy !

Elegant necklace

Want to have elegant necklace with cheap price ? Here I will show you one of the necklace in our online shop. This is suitable as present for girl friend. Want to have this collection in your store, just go to GrosirPasarPagi.com webstore and clik Buy !

Asemka Uniqueness

Jakarta is a unique place indeed with different kind of business concentrated on different business district. If you have ever heard Tanah Abang, you will know that it is the centre of clothes and fabric wholesale in Indonesia. And if you are seeking for fashion retail centre, you will know ITC Mangga Dua.

There are another two places of wholesale in Jakarta. The first one is Pasar Pagi Lama, this district is the biggest centre of stationery wholesale in Indonesia. And not far from Pasar Pagi Lama, there is Asemka which is also the wholesale of woman and children accessories such as anting, kalung, bando, bracelet, earring, necklace, ring and many imitation jewellery. You will find also many toys and fancy items along this Asemka street.

I have several relations that had some stores in Sumatra and every one month they will come to Pasar Pagi and Asemka Jakarta by flight to purchase those merchandise and they will sell them in their store. Perhaps you might think of the cost they spent for flight and hotel when come to Jakarta, could that cost be covered by the fortune made by selling those merchandise. The answer is yes indeed, since they purchased in huge quantity and sell it with double or maybe triple price compared with their purchased price.

However, now there's a way that they can even save more their cost and time by purchasing online. As far as they have Internet connection, they just need to go to GrosirPasarPagi.com , the centre wholesale of Pasar Pagi and Asemka, with various and up-to-date products of woman and children accessories, fancy items, stationery. The price in GrosirPasarPagi.com is very competitive compared with the wholesale shops in Pasar Pagi and Asemka since we are directly supported by major importers and manufacturers.

This blog will concentrate on products sold in Asemka which is various accessories, toys and fancy items and of course issues related with Asemka.